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Format: WonderSwan Color
From: Bandai
Year of Release: 2002
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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From TV animation One Piece

Treasure Wars

An action board game reminiscent of the Famicom Dragonball Z titles. Choose your character then make your way around the location a square at a time according to the role of a dice. The goal is to be the player who retrieves the lost piece of treasure for that stage.

Behind many of the squares that make up the game world hide actions and events. The most common is the battle event that pits your character against the nearest opponent.

Despite being a 'Party Game' Treasure Wars does have a story to it. It may be fairly light but it's better than nothing. The SD graphics look good and sum up the overall style of the game. As always the WonderSwan's limited musical accompaniments make the best of what they've got.

As for gripes, well the choice of gameplay may not be to everyone's taste and in single player it can take what feels like forever to get through the COM's three turns and back to yours.

Fans of One Piece may well get the most out of this but if you're into the whole 'Party Game' thing then this might be worth a try too.

Followed, later in the year, by a slightly improved sequel.

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