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Format: Gameboy Color
From: Banpresto
Year of Release: 2001
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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From TV animation One Piece

Yume no Luffy Kaizokudan Tanjou!
(Luffy's Dream: A Pirate is Born!)

A reasonably average RPG. The player takes the role of Luffy in his voyage across the seas solving islander's problems as he goes.

Over looking the dull simplistic graphics the most disappointing part of this game are the battles. It's good to see something different in the form of strategy battles, like those of the 'Shining Force' series, but they are pulled off with little flair or interest. My main gripe with it comes when you finally reach an opponent and select 'attack' from the menu. What follows is a brief statement of intent from Luffy then a line slices across the enemy icon and finally a message detailing the damage done. It's the same when Luffy is on the receiving end of the strike. The only break in this uninspired exchange is the short sequence of stills that accompanies a 'special attack'.

A year later this game spawned a sequel that replaced these dull fights with average turn based battles as well as improving the graphics. My advice would be to seek out the follow up rather than this or try one of the WonderSwan titles instead.

Below average.

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