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Format: Arcade
From: Banpresto
Year of Release: 1993
Onscreen Language: Japanese/English

Mobile Suit Gundam

Kido Senshi Gundam

'Street Fighter II' meets the Gundam 0079 universe. For one or two players.

A fairly by-the-book one-on-one beat-em-up with ten Mobile Suits to choose from including Dom, Zaku, Gelgoog and of course Amuro in RX-78.

With only two attack buttons the moves are limited to short and long distance punch. Each Mobile Suit has it's own roster of attacks including projectiles (usually executed by rapidly hitting button 2) and a dash attack.

The difficulty of each bout varies wildly depending on the two opponents. A strong but slow mecha like Dom can easily over power a weaker rival such as Zugock but when facing Gundam it's a much tougher fight. Experience is definitely needed to succeed in this game!

The in-game graphics are very good. The Mecha sprites are large, detailed, colourful and well animated. The stills are less impressive- more simplified and less detailed, but they still do the job. The music and sound effects are fitting if not overly noticeable.

An average 'Street Fighter 2' clone. Good for it's time but long since eclipsed by the likes of Gundam Wing Endless Duel and Battle Assault.

Note:- Interestingly this game, like several other Japan only Anime arcade games, has a full English language option. Switching Mobile Suit Gundam to English removes the anime intro which would be mostly meaningless to an uninitiated foriegn audience. Dispite this translated mode it was never released into the West. Have you ever seen this cabinet outside of Japan? If you have send me an email.

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