Vist Genki!

Format: Famicom
From: Namco
Year of Release: 1987
Onscreen Language: Japanese

Lupin III

Pandora No Isan

An old Famicom game based the monkey punch characters. You have a choice of Wolf, Jigen or Goemon at the start, your mission: burgle a rich man's mansion.

You must leap from roof to roof on your way to the mansion. But its not that simple. Your every move is dogged by ninjas, bats, cats and guys with jet packs. Things are made slightly easier by items you can collect along the way. These include a balloon (which prevents you from falling) a radio (which allows you to change character) and a machine gun (for shooting!). Once inside the mansion you must search the rooms to find your captured friends and of course the valuables!

So what's it like? Very difficult, as you die after a single hit. The only way to prevent this is to find and collect a bullet proof vest, or two.

The music is catchy but the graphics are a quite dated as you can see but if you persevere, it soon becomes fun. Even Inspector Zenigata appears from time to time, throwing hand cuffs at you in a desperate attempt to finally capture the ever elusive Wolf!

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