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Format: Super Famicom
From: Tokuma Shoten
Year of Release: 1992
Onscreen Language: Japanese

Legend of Galactic Heroes

Ginga Eiya Densetsu
(Legend of Galactic Heroes)

A graphically sparse strategy game based on the (very) long running OAV series Legend Of Galactic Heroes.

After a very long and boring (unless you can read the Japanese text) intro comes a rather sparse title screen. Sadly this basic display style is in keeping with the rest of the game. You choose the number of players, new game or load game and the character you will play as and then the game starts.

The music is better than the presentation but not by much. You command (via a range of unlabeled icons) a bunch of dots which represent your fleet. Dots move people appear and speak to you in Japanese text and then eventually an animated battle takes place. Now this is quite a breath of fresh air at first after the dull display you've been staring at for this far. Your fleet flies down, shoots, the screen dissolves, the enemy fleet appears suffers damage and then dissolves back to the standard screen. This is how it goes on for, well, as long as you can stand it.

Graphically barren and dull this is one badly presented strategy game. One for die hards only!

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