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Format: Mark III
From: Sega
Year of Release: 1988
Onscreen Language: Japanese

Kujaku Ou

Kujaku Ou
(Peacock King)
"Spell Caster" (UK/USA)

An action Role Playing Game.

The main part of the game is the same as the Famicom games with the actions in the same order down the side of the screen. But the main difference are the battles. Where the Nintendo games used a rather dull RPG style turn based system this one opts for more hands-on, action.

These sections are very similar to the Mega Drive sequel. You jump around platforms shooting fireballs at the enemy while on your journey to your next destination. The main problems with these sections are
(1) You die after one hit and must start from the beginning of the stage and...
(2) they don't sit very well with the point and click adventure bits.

You stand little chance of getting through this if you can't read Japanese but never fear this game was released in English as the Master System game Spell Caster.

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