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Format: Mega Drive
From: Sega
Year of Release: 1989
Onscreen Language: Japanese

Kujaku Ou 2

Kujaku Ou
(Peacock King)
"Mystic Defender " (UK/USA)

A platform action game that was one of the first games released for the Japanese Mega Drive.

In the english language 'Mystic Defender' version you play Joe Yamato out to save Princess Alexander from an evil Deity. What this involves is leaping around spooky areas firing fire balls at all manor of wierd enemy creatures.

What you get here is the action sequences from the previous version made into an entire game. As this was one of the first Mega Drive titles the whole thing is quite dated as you might expect. The gameplay is a standard platforming affaire with each level ending with a boss. The only new idea is you style of attack. You have several different types of fire ball which you can select, each having it's own uses.

The graphics are not bad and the nasty enemies are quite well drawn and animated but the whole thing is a bit dull and gets quite difficult in the later levels.

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