Vist Genki!

Format: Famicom
From: Sanrio
Year of Release: 1992
Onscreen Language: Japanese

Kero Kero Keroppi's Big Adventure


A kiddie's puzzle game featuring Sanrio's frog character Keroppi.

Keroleen is trapped in the castle and only Keroppi can save her. But how? Well by solving seven world's worth of puzzles on the way there, that's how. The puzzles are pretty simple but some are a little taxing even for grown up brains! 

If you get stuck during a puzzle just press B and you can start again or choose a different level. Each world has a different number of levels starting at four then five and so on. There is a time limit on each stage which is measured in ice cream cones. And at the end of each world you are given a password so there's no need to redo the same levels over and over. 

The graphics are good and colourful and the music is quite simple. One for the kids or if you want a puzzler that won't cause you too much trouble.

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