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Format: PC Engine
From: Sunsoft
Year of Release: 1989
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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City Hunter


You play Ryo Saeba, aka City Hunter, in this platform adventure game.

You are given a mission by one of your friends and it is up to you to succeed. The gameplay is simple; run around the levels shooting bad guys and trying any doors you come across. Some doors are locked but don't worry if you discover a friendly character maybe they will give you a key or ID pass. Other characters will give you information and some will even give you an extra weapon. Best of all behind one door per level is a pretty lady getting dressed! If you walk in on her your power bar is replenished. This isn't the only way to get your life back, there is also a pretty nurse somewhere in the level who will gladly tend to your wounds. Each stage ends with a boss too so it's useful to have a powerful weapon.

The first stage takes place in an apartment complex with a factory. The second is in a Biological Research Lab and the third is in another factory complex identical in appearance to the first level.

The intro is great as it feels just like a city hunter movie as does the music. The game also include a password continue feature which is ideal as the levels are quite long and it would be a real chore to start right at the beginning everytime!

Unlike most Japanese language games it is possible for non-Japanese players to muddle their way through this with ease as much of it is just running, shooting and opening doors and a picture of a key is the same in any language. The simple gameplay does get a bit dull after a while but it's still worth a try.

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