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Format: Mark III
From: Sega
Year of Release: 1988
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Choon Senshi Borgman

Sonic Solider Borgman
"Cyborg Hunter" (UK/USA)

Based on the TV series of the same name. The player steps into the Power Armour of Borgman as he hunts down his nemesis through a huge, futuristic complex filled with enemies and traps. While the overall mission is to destroy the Cyborg leader Borgman won't be able to accomplish this without 7 items that are hidden within the complex: one in each of the 7 lettered sectors. Each sector also contains a differing number of Cyborg Generals which all need to be destroyed and completing this will lead to further battles with Cyborg bosses.

Borgman is a straight forward game to play. Enter each section and, using the elevators, cover every floor until all the Generals are dead and you have recovered the item. Simply repeat this process until all the available sectors are cleared. Once you've done this you'll find the ID card which will allow access to the next group of sectors and so on.

How much you'd enjoy the game relies entirely on how much stamina you have for repetitive tasks. This is basically a love-or-hate game. Each sector- in fact each floor is as good as identical to the last. As you progress through the game the enemies change and more traps are added but the gameplay doesn't alter one bit. To add to this there are no passwords and nor can you save your progress. All you get is the an option, on the title screen, to continue from where you died which, of course, vanishes as soon as the power goes off!

The in game action is both innovative and basic. Innovative: Uses two control pads to overcome the Mark III's small number of buttons; one for control and the other to access the item menu. Uses a real-time map and a pseudo first-person 3D view to display oncoming enemies. On the basic side you only have one attack: punch which comes in the usual standing, crouching and jumping varieties and later on you'll collect the Psycho Punch, a projectile firing punch whose use is limited, and several guns. You can also collect bombs but be careful not to waste them while entering the elevator as both are activated by pressing UP.

Graphics-wise Borgman has some colourful and detailed enemies but the level design is particularly bland. It also bears a marked resemblance to Zillion II and the appearance of a Zillion pistol in the early stages could mean that this connection is more than a coincidence. If you know more please be sure to post a comment below.

The sound is typical Mark III/Master System stuff. The beep from you motion detector which warns of nearby aggressors is a nice touch and is worthy of note.

To conclude: maybe of interest to patient RPG or adventure fans but if you like your action fast and exciting steer clear!

Note:- Choon Senshi Borgman was released in the West on the Master System as
"Cyborg Hunter". The alterations where minor: the title screen and the appearance of your HQ contact, otherwise it's exactly the same game.

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