Vist Genki!

Format: PC-88
From: Amorphous
Year of Release: 1989
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Bubblegum Crisis

Crime Wave

Based on the characters rather than directly on the OAV series. The opening sequence explains that an unexpected Boomer attack is taking place in Downtown Megatokyo. A mysterious imposter from the AD Police seems to be involved and shortly after Nene goes missing.

The game begins in Sylia's apartment where you choose which Knight Saber will uncover Nene's mysterious disappearance. Controlling the game is simple; arrow keys move your character and you speak to others with the Space Bar. The only other key you need is Escape which sends you back to Sylia's apartment. This comes in very handy as, not only can you change character here, but also the locations are large and just roaming around will cause you to get very lost.

Considering the limits of the system Crime Wave is pretty impressive. The opening sequence features a lot of animated shorts that, while limited, are more than the average PC-98 tie-ins managed. The music is surprisingly enjoyable and the in game graphics, dated though they are, look nice and the characters are more than recognisable. Not a easy feat considering the 16-colour display.

Now for the serious part. Being an adventure game the whole thing hinges on written Japanese. If you can't read it then you'll make very little progress. Trial and error in an environment this large will get you nowhere fast and sadly, despite Bubblegum Crisis' popularity, it seems unlikely anyone's working on a translation for this old curiosity.

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